MGuide Surgery Course

The MGuide Surgery Course is a premium course designed to teach you digital implant dentistry.  The MCenter at MIS Implants is a high-tech facility, home to the Guided lmplantology System – MGUIDE, as well as a CAD/CAM Laboratory – CAD/CAM 360. The full digital solution allows dentists to not only place implants with guided precision, but also restore those implants with customized components. 

The MGuide Course takes advantage of the full digital workflow and MGuide Surgical Guide to teach you state of the art implant surgery.

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In this Premium Course you will learn procedures such as:

1. MGuide Surgery.

2. Treatment planning with the MGuide Software.

3. Digital Impressions with the TRIOS digital intraoral scanner.

4. Digital Designed Restorations