Basic Implant Course

The Implants in Paradise Basic Implant Course is designed for the dentist who is wanting to learn to incorporate dental implant surgery into their practice.  The typical course participant has placed 0-20 implants and is wanting to learn basic implant placement skills or feel more comfortable placing implants in their office.

This course will teach you proper flap design and suturing techniques to ensure appropriate soft tissue coverage of the implants.  You will also learn treatment planning techniques to screen and evaluate the best patients to be treated in your office.  Surgical and restorative complications will be discussed and treated as necessary during the course.

The Basic Implant Course will teach you dental implant surgery A-Z.

Procedures that can be performed during the Basic implant Course include:


1. Single Implant Placement in Healed Sites  

2. Immediate Implant Placement in the Anterior

3. Extraction and Socket Preservation with Non-Resorbable Membrane

4. Implant Placement with Internal Sinus Lift

Implants in Paradise Brochure