Advanced Implant Course

You have mastered the basics of dental implant surgery and now you are ready to take on the more difficult cases.  The Implants in Paradise Advanced Implant Course is specifically tailored to your desire to take your implant practice to the next level.

The Advanced Implant Course is designed for the confident implant surgeon who has placed more than 50 implants and is comfortable with flap design, soft tissue manipulation and multiple suturing techniques.  Advanced implant placement and bone manipulation procedures will be taught as well as soft tissue procedures to provide appropriate coverage over the bone graft sites.  

In this advanced Implant course you can learn to perform procedures such as:

IMG_8888IMG_3673IMG_5210 IMG_4987

1. All on 4 implants for Over-denture Restorations

2. Implant Placement Bone Deficient Sites  

3. Lateral Sinus Augmentation 

4. Ridge Split with Implant Placement

5. Ridge Augmentation with Particulate Graft, Block Grafting and Tent-Pole Techniques

Implants in Paradise Brochure