Welcome to Implants in Paradise

Welcome to Implants in Paradise, the premier HANDS ON dental CE training program.  Implants in Paradise is located in the Dominican Republic where you perform implant surgery on live surgical patients.  You no longer have to learn on cadaver mandibles or Styrofoam blocks, you will actually be performing surgery on live surgical patients.

Upon completion of Dr. Brunner’s 4 day Implants in Paradise Hands-On Training course, you will be able to apply your experience of learning on live patients into your own practice immediately.  As a result, you can increase your overall production and better serve your patients with confidence.

The Implants in Paradise courses are limited to 6 doctors which allow for your maximum learning opportunity.  All surgical procedures are specifically scheduled to accommodate your learning ability and desire, which allows for a customized learning experience that concentrates on procedures you would like to implement into your private practice.  You will be able to learn implant placement, sinus augmentation and bone grafting procedures.  The Implants in Paradise Dental Clinic, as well as, all course instruction is facilitated with the same standard of care you would apply in your own practice.  

If you place and restore 4 Implants per month, you can see results of over $150,000 in annual production increase!


August: 30, 31; Sept. 1, 2 – Basic Implant Course (Course Full)

November: 1, 2, 3, 4 – Basic Implant Course (Course Full)

Coming Soon:

Guided Surgery Course using MGuide